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About CDL Fitness

CDL FITNESS can be considered a neighborhood gym. CDL Fitness believes in achieving optimum health in an affordable, classical atmosphere. 


We are a small, quiet, 24hr. accessible facility with a satisfactory volume of members. We know what it takes to set and accomplish goals and diligently help out our members strive to meet them.


Whether you want to promote health, lose weight, or reduce stress, we have the setup and are equipped with new school and old school pieces to aide in your training for your desired goals. ​

Our Facility

The facility is a small casual gym to come in, get a good workout and check it off the daily list. The atmosphere is pushed for a clean, motivating vibe. It's tailored to implement service you would receive from a larger scale facility while keeping the personal experience. CDL Fitness likes to keep it hassle free and as easy as possible for you to interact with your needs.


Our Equipment

The equipment strategically provided to obtain the most out of your workout.   CDL offers a combination of pieces to "take your weightlifting serious."

Members Are Welcome 24/7

Life can get hectic. CDL offers 24 hours for you to be able to maintain your health and fitness regardless of what you have going on. 

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